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The UK’s most exciting parenting and lifestyle platform for men. “The dads’ version of Mumsnet.” (BBC)

MusicFootballFatherhood was born when our founder, Elliott Rae, started blogging after the traumatic birth of his daughter. Fast forward a couple of years and the platform has taken on a life of its own, we are now an essential platform for dads to learn, connect, grow and share.

Our aims are to:

  1. Help men navigate fatherhood and their career while enjoying the other important things in life
  2. Provide a space for dads to share the ups and downs of fatherhood
  3. Increase positive representation of diverse fatherhood

musicfootballfatherhood.com is home to the online community of fathers, and men looking to be fathers in the future, from the UK and beyond. Think of us as the ‘mumsnet for dads’. We are a resource and a space where dads can be free to talk, listen and read about things that are important to us; stuff like work-life balance, careers, raising healthy and well rounded children, money management, relationships and of course music and football.

We share stories from fathers through our blogs and review family days out and parenting products via our #MFFrecommends series. We host conversations on fatherhood and careers via our podcast and produce cool merchandise through our online shop. Our monthly #MFFplays playlists are the soundtrack to all this as we bring you the latest Grime and Hiphop.

The modern father is a new breed. We are way more involved and present than ever before. But every modern father is different. Whether you are a single parent, father of a blended family, a stay-at-home dad or a father of quadruplets, we are here to inspire, inform and support you on your journey.

Meet The Team

Elliott Rae: Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Elliott is a diversity & inclusion specialist, QPR fan, musician and a married father of one from London.


“I had the original idea for MusicFootballFatherhood on New Year’s’s day on 2016. My daughter was just 3 months old and I was still coming to terms with her traumatic birth. I needed a space to get my thoughts out and blogging seemed the best way to do it. It was therapeutic for me to write down how I was feeling, not necessarily about the birth but how I was feeling about being a new father. Very quickly other dads wanted to get involved and the platform has turned into something much much bigger than me, it’s now an essential  and vital platform for dads to learn, connect, grow and share. Throughout the journey to creating the platform I’ve met so many inspiring people and learnt so much, I hope any one visiting can get just as much knowledge, inspiration and information that I have.

My beautiful daughter is nearly 3 years old now and boy has fatherhood been a rollercoaster. I am blessed to be able to share my experiences and document the journey through MusicFootballFatherhood.”

Elliott is an experienced diversity & inclusion consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator. Elliott is also a contributor for The Independent and counts The Rock as a fan! To work with Elliott, see more information here.

Saffa Kallon: Head of Football Content


Saffa is an avid and long-time Liverpool fan who was also an aspiring poet until the overwhelming nature of the corporate world took charge. An accountant by way of education and a passionate football lover by way of nature, Saffa is a keen observer of the game. Being a creative writer and a football lover who has also just become a father, Saffa and MFF is a match made in heaven!

“Fatherhood has been a humbling experience thus far. After watching my child enter the world of consciousness I had a new found respect level for my mother and every other woman on the planet who had given birth the old fashioned way. So far it is nothing but hugs, gurgles, kisses, tears and nappy changes but I look forward to what fatherhood has to offer in the future”.

Andy Kapadia: Fatherhood & Football writer

imag0112Andy is a father of two who regularly blogs on parenting, sport and music. He also hosts a podcast under his alter ego, Aggy Fox that discusses a wide range of topics from creativity to identity. Andy is a massive fan of his hometown team Leicester City and knows it will never be as good as 2016!

“I have a boy and a girl with a 5 year age gap between them so it has been interesting to notice the differences in how me and wife approach things between them. I am delighted to be able to contribute and share my thoughts on this whilst being able to also write about another of my passions Leicester City FC!”

Daniel Dwamena: Football writer

2017-03-12-12-08-05Daniel is a huge Football and Basketball obsessive, but overall is generally a Sports fanatic. A lifelong Liverpool fan stemming from his adoration for former England International John Barnes, Daniel loves watching Football from other Leagues mainly La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga. He is the Co-Host of the Football talk show #FootyOnTop which airs on ontopfm.net, (95.5FM in London) on Saturday Mornings at 10am – 12pm.

Daniel is a Media & Cultural Studies Graduate with a deep passion for writing and reviewing. He has been writing articles for quite a few years for Football Blog and intends to start also writing on Music, this is as he is a voracious Music listener especially when it comes to Hip Hop or Rnb. A fan of ‘back in the day’ rather than the Status Quo, with the angle he takes when it comes to humour, stepping into his world you can always expect something different when reading his work or engaging in conversation, ‘musicfootballfatherhood’ is the perfect platform for him to express himself.

James Roach: Fatherhood, Tech and Music writer

james-faceJames is a father of one who’s followed Arsenal ever since the days of Ian Wright, this was a bold step given his older brother was insistent on him following QPR.

James would class himself more of a casual viewer of the beautiful game these days, spending more time following combat sports such as Boxing and MMA, fueled by his participation in Muay Thai Kickboxing at an MMA gym.

Music, movies, tech and video games are some of his other passions that you might see James writing about, alongside the usual pearls of fatherhood wisdom as he negotiates raising a Man alongside his beautiful Wife.

David Marazzi: Fatherhood, Football, Food & Drink, Cars, Motorcycles & Bicycles plus the odd Political opinion writer

image1Born in Bloomsbury to Italian parents, David moved to Singapore 4 years ago and now experiencing life in SE Asia. He’s a big football fan and has been a season ticket holder at Arsenal since his teens. With over 25 years experience in the Hospitality industry, having worked in various hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants in the West End, David bought his own restaurant/bar in King’s Cross in 2004 and rode the rollercoaster that is owning your own place in London during bombs, recessions and riots.

David adopted a new-born Malaysian girl last year and is now experiencing fatherhood from that perspective. “I can’t imagine life without my family now and I’m hoping that my daughter will love going to see Arsenal every week if and when we do actually return to London. She’ll struggle if she doesn’t! Get the feeling that she will love it though and will be pretty vocal when it comes to supporting the team, she’s gobby!”

Cal-l: Fatherhood and Lifestyle writer


Cal-I is a married father of two, a secondary school teacher by day and a creative by night. As a blogger, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, he is a keen believer in using his talents to spread love, hope, positivity and food for thought. He has been in education (pastoral, curriculum and middle management) for the past 11 years though has recently scaled back; he now enjoys spending more time with family and pursuing creative and entrepreneurial endeavours.

As a youngster, he secretly dreamed of becoming a track star hence his enthusiasm for bodyweight and HIIT routines! He currently cannot survive the working week without squeezing in a few training sessions!

Ultimately, he is on a mission to use his voice and story to motivate, entertain and inspire others.

Did we mention he supports Arsenal? “COYG!”

The Smith Family: Parenting writers

img-20170829-wa0014We’re a family of four – Dad (Jermaine) and Mum (Lauren), with Stella (6) and Elijah (4).

Mum and Dad met over 10 years ago working with teens in Reading, creating two of our own kids along the way.  

Dad is in youth work, Mum CEO of the anti-bullying charity Kidscape. We love all the moments we can grab together and hope to share the best (and occasionally the worst) with you all.

Alec Grant: Fatherhood, Tech and Business writer

mff-bio-pic-alec-grantI’m actually more of a rugby fan than a football one. Before anyone asks, it’s nothing to do with the demise of my home city team, Aston Villa, who don’t seem able to make it back into the big time!! Generally I love playing / watching sport and only stopped playing rugby a few years ago. Music is my world too and I’m rarely seen without my headphones in nodding away to various genres of music.

I’m a father of 2 young boys, who keep me on my toes everyday and I love it. Being an only parent means that I’m very passionate about fatherhood and being a good role model to my boys. I have a couple of side projects. The first is about being a widower & fatherhood https://twitter.com/narratives4men. The second is about shining a positive light on all the good things being done in the UK by people who are Black & British – https://twitter.com/iamblackbritish.

Having spent many years in the corporate world as a software developer, I now run my own software consultancy business in addition to being a partner in a tech startup. So yes, life is busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jonathan Brown: writer on Fatherhood, Theatre, Creativity & Education


Jonathan’s a Lewes-based single dad, who plays a life of two halves, one home-educating his two children (4 and 11yrs), the other writing, directing, performing with his award-winning Something Underground Theatre Company. His first (fatherhood-themed) plays featured as training resources on The Fatherhood Institute website, one being performed at the NCT Annual Conference.

His tentative footy credentials? Whilst on exchange to Australia as a physics teacher, he was asked to coach the girls’ soccer squad, on some assumption a Brit knew his offside from his half time. Wrong!

The mother of JB’s children is a singer-songwriter, so he’s almost got the tunes covered too, although their recent split means they’re enjoying the challenge of organising their respective creative careers and of sharing the equal care & home education of their girls, via icloud calendars, a lot of texts and occasional hang outs. So far, so good.

Jonathan has worked creatively with many wonderful blokes, both on stage, and at Robert Bly’s Minnesota Men’s Conference, Sydney and Melbourne Men’s Festivals, Manifest (men’s gathering, Devon), men’s groups in Brighton, Lewes, Bath and Bristol and co-leading the Buddhafield Family Retreat men’s space.

With his daughters, Jonathan likes to cuddle, dance, swim, cycle, read & go to the beach.

Peter Kawalek: Tech writer


Peter lives with his wife and two teenage daughters in Buxton, Derbyshire – one of the highest towns in England and certainly the coldest. When he needs to warm up, he drives to Loughborough University where he is Professor of Information Management in the School of Business & Economics. He has experience at Manchester University, Universidad de Deusto, Instituto de Empresa, Warwick University, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Trinity College Dublin and others. He has worked with many firms and different organizations in different sectors including tech, media, design & government. Lots of music, books, books, books, some football and three bikes – that’s the recipe.xc

JJ Jabbal: (I kinda hope to ramble about all stuff if you indulge me)


I am a dad of one, my little one Dhian Forrest is 1 and half and probably smarter than me already. My wife Nish and I continue to evolve, grow and enjoy this journey we are on, although it is easier for me as she does a bulk of the parenting.

I play sunday league football, I go to the gym, I say wise things and don’t always act on them and I my drink of choice is spiced rum.

When it comes to parenting, my mantra is not to create barriers for to entrap yourself but enjoy and explore the vast possibilities, being a parent may be the most important thing you do but that does not mean it can’t be the most fun.

You can catch my ramblings on twitter which consist mostly of Arsenal (currently on loan at PSG), Boxing and getting involved in the topic of the day.

Dave Robson: Fatherhood & Tech writer

dsc_4736_3240facebookDave is married to Harriet, and they are currently expecting their first child. By day he works in the digital industry straddling the fields of design, development and online marketing. By night he is usually to be found making sawdust, and trying not to do himself serious injury with power tools. That or watching Netflix.

Beyond his passion for woodwork, Dave also plays at centre back for his church’s Saturday league football team and has been a lifelong music lover – and occasional dabbler in musicianship.

Dave has a strong interest in technology and media, and is keen to delve into how these areas of modern life can fit in with parenthood. Both in terms of the options currently available for parents, and the potential for new technologies and tools.

“I’m well aware that I don’t really have any idea quite what I’m getting myself into with the whole parenting thing, so hopefully by blogging about my experiences I can not only help myself to make sense of it – but maybe help others too. I’m definitely not an expert on any of this, but I’m passionate about trying to expand my own understanding and awareness – particularly of how modern technology can be used to positively impact both my parenting and my children’s development”.

Philip Robinson: Bringing creative, diverse thinking to writing, cooking and parenting

familypicPhilip works as a Technology Strategy Architect for a living and writes stories, poems and songs for a life (http://medium.com/@phildwriter). He is the author and publisher of the Kingdoms of Celebration (http://facebook.com/kingdomsofcelebration) series, focused on the celebration of multicultural diversity and togetherness. The first book in the series, Nia and the Kingdoms of Celebration (http://amazon.com/author/phildwriter), was published in November 2017.

Originally from Barbados, his career has taken him to live in Germany, Northern Ireland and England. He is conversant in German and enjoys international community, cooking, trying and adapting foods from different countries. In 2013, Philip released his first, solo EP called More than DNA (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/more-than-dna-ep/id661140763), as singer, songwriter and pianist. He occasionally performs at open mics and leads worship in Manchester, where he currently resides with his wife and two children.

A Law: Fatherhood & Lifestyle writer

ALaw is a married father who is relatively new to the world of parenting. When not spending time with his family, ALaw is a teacher at an inner-city primary school.

As a sports fan, ALaw is a long time follower of boxing and is never short of an opinion when it comes to the sweet science. He also enjoys training regularly, no easy feat with a baby, but he nevertheless makes it happen whenever he can.

ALaw is passionate about music and seeing the evolution of the UK music scene since the days he used to frequent Garage raves. The range of music he listens to spans much further and nowadays, nursery rhymes are thrown in the mix too. He also enjoys travelling although the destinations are more family friendly these days.

ALaw is also a writer on medium.com/iamalaw, writing social commentary and about music, politics and pretty much whatever else is on his mind.

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  1. Is this a Black Dads only site? I’m white and think this site is a great idea. I’m often prowling Mumsnet. Can I join?

    1. Hi Nick, this site is for ALL dads! We have a range of contributors from all backgrounds. And we have a range of different dads involved who have different circumstances i.e single dads, married dads, stay at home dads etc etc.

      We are glad to have you on board. Please do add yourself to the mailing list, join the forum, read the blogs and take part in our weekly Twitter/Social media chat.

      Looking forward to speaking to you more.


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