In The Media

We’ve been lucky enough to have been featured in the mainstream media. Here’s a few examples.

BBC News

On Thursday 24th August 2017 the BBC recorded and published a video with us! The video was all about what we do, the perception of black fathers in the media, how we create a community for fathers and what’s next for MFF.

The video was, at one point, the most watched video on the BBC website homepage on the day it was published. Watch the video here.


The Independent

Our founder Elliott Rae, wrote an article for the Independent entitled ‘I’m a young, married, professional black father. And I don’t exist’.

The article was published on Monday 10th July 2017 and was one of the most shared articles on the website that day. The article was shared 17k times in the first week and had massive impact on the perception of black fatherhood across the country and beyond. Read the article here.



Elliott spoke to BuzzFeed about MFF, fathers in the media and the future. Oh and they took some super cute pics of his daughter 💕😍


BBC Radio

Elliott was also interviewed on BBC Radio on Sunday 13th August 2017. The interview was all about why MusicFootballFatherhood was created, differences in parenting styles between men and women, black fathers in the media and what’s in store for MFF in the future.


More to come!