Growing up I hated coffee. I tried it once at about 11 years old and vowed never to taste it again. About 20 years later and after a late night of gigging and an early morning at work, a colleague suggested I get a cup of coffee to help get through the day. At this point I was literally falling asleep at my desk so I was willing to try anything (within reason!) to help get through the day. I had the coffee, a latte with one sugar, and was transformed into a super alert and slightly hyperactive version of myself. To add to my delight, I actually didn’t mind the taste either. So from then, for the next few years, if I was especially tired, which was usually at least once or twice a week due to loads of gigging with my band, I’d treat myself to a coffee from either the local Costa or Starbucks. In this time I also graduated from Lattes to Americanos with a shot of vanilla syrup, although this was mainly due to my lactose intolerance making a guest appearance after many years. Everything seemed to be going well….

So, fast forward a few years and a life changing event later and my relationship with coffee has completely changed. a few sleepless nights into fatherhood and I’m now a coffee addict! I heard a phrase called pro-caffeinating, which basically means you put of doing things until you’ve had a sufficient amount of caffeine lol. Nowadays I need at least two cups per day (first world problems i know!). This is as much a mental thing as a physical thing. I usually drink one on the way to work which accompanies me on my Victoria line tube journey and I’ll have another at around 3pm to get through that afternoon slump. There’s nothing like a nice Americano and looking at a few family pictures to get you through an afternoon at work when you are absolutely knackered lol.¬†Ravello is now my coffee supplier of choice, they seem to be a lot more consistent than some of the others and they add just the right amount of vanilla syrup!

So, why this post? Well my plan for 2016 is to cut down my caffeine consumption. This is just as much for financial reasons as it is for my health. One a day would be ideal and I’m also trying to make more of my own coffee rather than funding these multi billion pound corporations who should not really be getting so much of my hard earned cash.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with my progress!

Do you find yourself spending way too much money on Coffee too? How have you managed to reduce your caffeine intake? Let me know!

Peace & Blessings




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