Elliott Rae (MFF founder) wins United Nation’s, UN Women UK, ‘Change maker of the Year’ award!

Elliott Rae wins United Nation’s, UN Women UK, ‘Change maker of the Year’ award!

I can’t really believe I an writing this but I am pleased to say that I have been awarded the ‘Change maker of the Year’ by the United Nations for my work on Gender Equality!

MFF started after the difficult birth of my daughter and I never imagined it would turn in to something that is making an impact across the country with men and fathers. Providing a space for men to explore what it means to be a man and a father. As a platform, and as a speakers and facilitators, we champion gender equality at home and in the workplace.

Our engaging dads workshops help organisations explore how they can support fathers to have a better balance between work and life – hence enabling women to do the same. This has benefits for wellbeing, mental health, the gender pay gap (which really starts to widen when women become mothers) and most importantly – outcomes for children. We want to create a world where our children can achieve anything they want, regardless of gender, race or any other factor. We are working for culture change and we love the work we do.

MFF started as a small idea, a basic free wordpress template and a couple of blog posts to be precise. So I would like to encourage everyone reading this to go for what they believe in – you can change the world. You will need a vision, persistence, hard work and an undying love for what you do but you’ll get there.


Elliott Rae (MFF Founder) wins United Nation's 'Change maker of the Year' award! #HeForShe

The award show took place in Mayfair on Wednesday 4th Sep. The other winners included Kevin Hyland, Lewes Football Club and SafeSpace. Read more in the Evening Standard here.

Evening Standard features MusicFootballFatherhood

Thanks to all the MFF team, my beautiful wife Soneni, my daughter and all the community that engages with MFF.

We are so motivated to keep doing even more work. The recent launch of the #DaddyDebates podcast which compliments our written blog content has been received really well. And we will continue to grow our events.

Thanks so much everyone, this has been such an amazing week and I feel so blessed!

Elliott Rae

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