A Book for Dads – our book, DAD, is out now

We are published! We’ve done it! I am so so proud to say that our new book, DAD, is out TODAY! DAD is an essential book for dads and is out now and available from all the major book retailers, including WaterstonesWH Smith and Amazon.

When I tell you I could write a whole book about putting this book together, I really mean it. It’s been 2 years of hustling, grinding, learning, writing, editing, crowdfunding and persisting to get to this point. And I can easily say that it’s by far my greatest professional achievement, without a doubt.

I am so grateful and indebted to the 19 brave men who have trusted me and MFF with their stories. To have so many men open up and share some of their most difficult and darkest moments has been a real privilege. And although some of the topics in this book are really tough and heartbreaking, it’s a book about love and defiance and an unfailing will to be the best dads we can be for our families. It’s a book for dads that will inspire and encourage.

Amazing feedback so far

Even though I was never going to give up, there were some real long sleepless nights, obstacles and barriers in the way, that made today feel so far away. So I am genuinely so so happy that we made it. The dads in this book have truly made something special. A timeless piece of history that will live on even beyond ourselves.

I have been overwhelmed with the responses so far from people that have read the book. Sue’s video message on Instagram where she reads out some of the chapter names was so powerful and Becky telling us she shed a tear when reading how Michael was allowed, at the last minute, to see his son being born by his surrogate mother. All this really hits home the magnitude of the words in this book. When I say they are powerful stories, I’m really not such using those words for the sake of it. Please buy the book for yourself and give it a chance.

We are all about open conversations around fatherhood and that’s what we want this book to encourage. This is a ground-breaking book. A movement. Never before have a group of men come together to bare their souls and speak so openly and honestly about their fatherhood experiences. This book aims to encourage better dialogue between colleagues, friends, and especially within families; between husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, dads and children. We know that men and dads don’t always have the space to speak openly about their experiences. This is a book for dads that will contribute to changing all of that.

DAD can change the world

We believe DAD can change the world and move forward the conversations around fatherhood, masculinity, mental health and gender equality.

We have so much going on to promote the book but before that starts I want to say a massive thank you to you all. For sticking with us and supporting MFF. We’ve had our quiet moments over the past year while dealing with covid lockdowns and other personal ups and downs but you’ve stayed with us. You helped make this book happen through supporting the crowdfunder and I’m so glad you are part of the journey with us.

DAD is available from all the major retailers and you can buy your copy here.

Thank you!

Elliott Rae (MFF founder and DAD book curator)

About the DAD book

Supported by various organisations, charities and football clubs including Pregnant Then Screwed, Carers UK, Kidscape, UN Women UK and QPR FC and with pre-publication coverage on Times Radio, BBC Radio London and The Guardian, DAD is set to be THE defining book on modern fatherhood.

Including 20 powerful and defiant stories about postnatal depression, becoming a new dad during the pandemic, miscarriage, widowhood, stillbirth, co-parenting, childbirth trauma, work-life balance, new dads at work, shared parental leave, being a stay-at-home dad, gay fatherhood and surrogacy, being a stepdad, black fatherhood, raising a child of dual heritage, being a single dad, faith and fatherhood, raising a child with autism, gender stereotypes and more.

DAD is available to buy here.

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