#FatherhoodStories Podcast for dads

#FatherhoodStories: the Podcast for dads

Our #FatherhoodStories Podcast for dads features many inspiring men from the world of music, football and business sharing their stories and providing helpful advice as we talk to them about their career and fatherhood stories.

The modern man wants to have it all, and some do. But how? Find out, right here.

Episode 1 – The Intro

Episode 2 – with Leon Mann

Leon has made films with Usain Bolt, is a broadcaster for BBC & ITV and he also runs a football management company which has taken him to the World Cup this year with his client Yaya Toure. But most importantly, Leon is a great father of 2. In this episode of the #FatherhoodStories podcast we go deep into his career and fatherhood journey.

Episode 3 – with JB Gill

In the latest #FatherhoodStories podcast, we had the pleasure of talking to JB Gill about his time in JLS and all things fame, faith, farming and fatherhood. JB was refreshingly open, honest, positive and even philosophical. Give the podcast a listen, and let us know what you think.