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We are passionate about spreading messages to organisations around topics relating to fatherhood, diversity and masculinity.

Our Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Elliott Rae, was recently awarded the United Nations‘ ‘Change maker of the Year’ 2019 #HeForShe gender equality award. The award recognised Elliott’s work in engaging dads in gender equality, through his community and in organisations. Elliott is a dynamic and forward-thinking Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) specialist with specific expertise and passion in Race and Gender Equality. Elliott cares deeply about equality and is genuinely excited about new opportunities to use his expertise and voice to create a better society.

Elliott has solid experience of creating and implementing successful D&I strategies in Central Government, with extensive experience advising staff at all levels, from the Board to operational delivery. Elliott is a trustee at anti-bullying charity Kidscape and a  contributor for The Independent, where he writes about diversity issues. His latest article was shared on Twitter by none other than The Rock!

Elliott regularly speaks to corporate and educational audiences. Recent clients include Nationwide Building Society, BNP Paribas, Harvard Business School, Business in The Community, Equality Human Rights Commission and Action for Children.

We deliver a variety of events, workshops, talks and programmes

Fatherhood and family in the workplace

  • Engaging Dads (event): this popular event aims to create a space for open and honest discussion about father’s experiences in the workplace. The event starts with a talk from Elliott about the modern family set-up and work environment, followed by a panel discussion, with fathers from within the organisation, about how their roles as parents effects their work-life. The event aims to start a conversation about fatherhood and work starts to help organisations think about how they work towards culture change with the aim of better facilitating dads at work, enabling better wellbeing, closing the gender pay gap and retaining talented staff.
  • Families at work (programme): this programme uses the latest academic research, Government policy and thought leadership to help organisations think about how they can engage families, and specifically fathers, to improve outcomes for all staff. The programme includes a pre-call to discuss culture and data, a 2 hour workshop and a follow-up actions call. The programme aims to address areas such as the gender pay gap, well-being, talent retention and mental health.

Race Equality

  • ‘Let’s Talk Race’ (workshop): this workshop creates a safe space for discussions about Race in the workplace. The workshop address topics such as relationships, bias, language and micro-aggressions and aims to help organisations create a more inclusive culture

Self development, motivation and inspiration

  • Finding your purpose; combining passion, mission, profession and vocation (talk): this introspective and enlightening talk helps participants think about how they can live a wholesome work life and fulfil their potential by finding their purpose.
  • Growing a collaborative and digital platform (talk): this inspiring talk shares tips and advice for building a digital platform with a social cause

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