Our Fatherhood Twitter Chat Every Thursday At 9pm

We want to enable conversation between like minded people, like yourselves. We all have views on how to raise our kids and live our lives while doing it and there’s nothing better than sharing your experiences and perspectives with others.

And that’s why we have launched our brand new Twitter chat! #DaddyDebates is a debate about all things parenting (and occasionally music and football!). The chats will take place on Twitter at 9pm every Thursday. Follow us on Twitter @MFFonline_ and watchout for the hashtag. We’ll also be posting the debates on our Facebook page and Instagram every Thursday at 9pm so there are multiple ways to get involved!

We want your ideas about different topics that we should be talking about. It can be anything parenting related, no matter how light hearted or serious. Hit us up on social media or comment below with some suggestions 😉

The MFF team