The Lodge: monthly peer support sessions for new dads – next session on Mon 1st November

The Lodge: monthly peer support sessions for dads – next session on Mon 1st November

So you’re a new dad – congratulations! And welcome to fatherhood. Good to have you in the club – strap in and get ready for the best ride of your life. Or maybe your children are in secondary school and getting ready for their GCSEs. However old your children are and whatever is going on in your life, The Lodge is a place where we can gather together and share our experiences of fatherhood.

To help you through fatherhood, we host monthly peer support sessions for dads. The sessions are an informal get together, on zoom. They are super chilled and a chance to meet and talk to other new and like minded dads. Our next session is on Monday 1st November and you can sign up here.

By the way, we won’t be covering any of the practical parenting stuff, like how to feed and burp – this is all about YOU, as a man and as a dad. We know that the dad often plays second fiddle in early parenting but you’ve been through a life changing experience too and you need to have some time to reflect on how you are coping.

The aim of the session is to meet other dads, hear how other people are managing it all, share some of your experiences and have a laugh while doing it!
The sessions are a safe space so we ask all attendees to treat each other with respect, empathy and confidentiality. Our facilitators are experienced and trained and we have safeguarding procedures in place. All this helps to ensure the sessions are productive and enjoyable for everyone.
The peer sessions are monthly (usually on the last Monday of the month) and last for 90mins. We allow a maximum of 30 dads at each session to make sure we can hold a safe space for everyone.

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