The Making Of: Guilty Love – Elliott Rae ft Otty

Working with talented artists is one of my favourite things about music production. I knew Otty from the gigging circuit, I can’t fully remember how we met but it may have been at a Sherry Davis gig in Camden Proud back in the day. So, when I made this bass heavy melodic beat with a rough chorus, I hollered at Otty to see if he’d be interested in working together to turn it into a vocal soulful-bass heavy banger. I had the idea for the chorus while looking through the Metro on the way to work. There was an article about a woman who felt guilty about her secret love, the melody came quite easily so the backbone of the track was well on it way.


Otty and I in the studio

We recorded the track in my home studio and we clicked straight away. Any producer or artist will tell you that when you find someone who compliments your production or writing style who you actually also click with on a human level, it makes the creative process a lot more fun and your definitely going to get a better song at the end of it! Otty took the song to the next level and really bought the track to life.


Alejo Cain, the bad boy saxophonist

A couple of weeks later and my cousin Alejo Cain was visiting the UK from Holland. I never knew I had such a talented family overseas! This guy plays pretty much every instrument under the sun and is a very talented writer. I had to get him on Guilty Love so we jammed at my home studio and after a few Rum and Cokes, I recorded him playing the saxophone on the bridge part of the track.

The track was premiered on my radio show on Dejavu FM and has got to be one of my favourite tracks I’ve produced. i can’t wait to play it out real soon!

Guilty Love was released on my record label, ER Soundsystem, on 15th June 2015.

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