The Business behind the music: Signing my first music contract

It’s nice when other people believe in your talent and movement, especially to the extent to which they will use their own resources to help you grow with no guarantee of a return. I’ve been in and around the music industry for sometime now and had seen many of my peers go on to do massive things, quit music altogether or do something in between. I fit firmly in the ‘somewhere in between bracket and am at a stage where i am completely happy with that.

My main aspiration now is not for commercial success but to beable to listen to my music alongside commercially successful music of the same genre and be satisfied that it is to the same quality. Anything else is an added bonus.12308832_10156384313940165_1118125063523397557_n

After years playing and producing for my band, Soneni & The Soul, 2015 was the year i finally launched as a solo artist. That year I also started my own label to release music on.

Going solo has a very different feel to being in a band and I knew I would need a helping hand to get my music heard. I researched different avenues for partnering with companies and brands and identified distribution as the main thing I needed help with. I found out about Label Worx, a distribution company, through a friend. A few people told me they were brilliant to work with but notoriously difficult to sign with as they prefer to either work with established labels or new artists that have a long catalogue of good quality music yet to be released. I thought theres a chance I could fit into the lattar!


Signing my deal with Labelworx

I had been making music under the radar for a year and had a few songs set to private on soundcloud. I contacted label worx as my first distributor of choice. After completing the testing application process, we spoke and I was pleasantly surprised that they were interested in my music and brand. After some consideration by Label Worx, a couple of weeks later i recieved a phone call and a contract in the post with an offer of a distribution deal!

I was overwhelmed to think that the music I’d been making in my little simple home studio setup was being recognised and supported by one of the UKs top dance music distribution companies. It was also surreal seeing my name and address on a legally binding contract for music that started of as just an idea in my head. I signed the deal and released 3 projects through my label, ER Soundsystem, and Label Worx in 2015.

They have been a pleasure to work with. Label Worx provide detailed information on where your music is being streamed and purchased, quarterly income statements and loads of additional support to help get your music heard. In addition, my track ‘Only You’ was released on a Label Worx compilation which was another highlight of 2015.

I hope this  inspires you to believe that you never know what can happen when you approach potential partners and present your creative endeavours.

I’m working hard to ensure 2016 has more stories to tell. With God’s grace, I’ll be creating loads of new music, highlights and memories.

Peace & Blessings


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