Cheating On Your Barber!

The relationship between a man and his barber goes deep. I’d go as far as to say it’s comparable to a romantic relationship. It’s not quite a marriage but definitely more than just friends. It’s like two people who have been seeing each other long-term but never had that ‘what are we’ conversation. It’s an open relationship with an unspoken rule of loyalty.

Your barber is that partner who is always there for you, no matter what, they will always come through. They have been there through thick and thin and seen you and at your best and at your worst. They were there for you on your birthday, helping you get ready for that big celebratory drink up. They held you down at your first carnival and they even helped you get your first job by giving you that confidence boost you needed to kill the job interview.  Heck, they were even there for you on your wedding day to make sure you looked fly for those wedding pictures. And even though sometimes you might have to sit and wait for a couple of hours to see them, they always get to you eventually.

Your barber is more than just someone who cuts your hair; they are a confidant, a counsellor, a buddy.

The problem is, as in any relationship, things change. Infidelity is real. One of the partners may stray and start seeing someone else behind the others back. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s boredom and the need to see if there’s something more exciting out there. You know, the grass may actually be greener. Or it could be purely convenience and the fact that the other person is more readily available and requires you to do less waiting around to get down to business. Maybe they have recently become a bit bougie and started demanding more and more money from you. Or it could just be the that you aren’t feeling it, the level of service you were receiving previously has declined and you need someone fresh who’s going to look after you properly. All these scenarios apply as much to a romantic relationship as they do to a relationship with your barbar.

Now let’s not front, we have all been in a situation where you leave your barbershop a bit disappointed that the shape-up wasn’t 100%. Or we’ve been annoyed we had to wait so long to get in the chair when we done made an appointment. We’ve definitely all been in a situation where you’ve needed an emergency trim and there just happens to be another barber closer who can get it done there and then. It happens from time to time.

The question is, when the temptation to stray occurs, do you cheat on your barber?!

I interviewed a few good men to find out what’s really happening on the streets. I asked them if they have ever cheated on their barber and if so, what was the consequence? I also asked them whether a shape-up counted as cheating! For obvious reasons they all wished to stay anonymous, so names and identities have been changed.

D, 35 from Huddersfield
I’ve got my go to barber and I try to use him most times because he’s good, but sometimes he’s busy as he is a popular guy so he has lots of other customers. If he’s too busy and I need a trim asap, i’ll go elsewhere. Ive got a few back up options.

It’s all about my schedule, if I need a trim I do what I need to do. If i do cheat, I dont discuss it with my barber, some things are best left unsaid and that’s one conversation that doesn’t need to be had!

JJ, 44 from London
Yes I will see another barber but only if my main barber is out of town, you know the saying…while the cats away. I’m a polyamorous when it comes to barber’s. I’ve got two on the go in the same shop 🙈 matey knows he plays second fiddle to wifey though 😂😂😂😂When my Barber moved shop I went with him. A wife is for life, I’ve been with him nearly 15 years!

E, 39 from London
I’ve actually never cheated on my barber in recent years. The only time I ever have cheated on a previous barber was when my main barber wasn’t all that anyway. He was just the least busiest at that particular shop. I was looking for someone better! A shape up doesn’t count as infidelity, it has to be full trimmage.

O, 34 from London
I have cheated yes. Afterwards I confessed but they knew anyway cause the new line was different! Essentially they knew that my schedule and his location, based on the fact that I have moved, means it can be difficult for me to get to him. But it’s all love, he knows he’s still my guy, I was travelling from Watford to Willesden after all! Does a shape-up count as cheating? Yes, that’s the most important bit!

J, 33 from Reading
Yeah of course I have. But i tell them how they left me with no other option hence why I had to get the trim elsewhere. If I cheat it’s the barber’s fault as they were probably not available. I’ve had a barber who broke his hand so I had to go elsewhere, my trim can’t wait!

It’s all about quality and consistency, a barber is like a mechanic, if you get a service you approve of then why leave? As we get older our hair lines are precious so we can’t be messing around with it.

On the other hand, I know people will see their friend with a good trim and be interested, you might leave your barber to go and see what all the hypes about! Is a shape-up still cheating? Well kinda but it’s more like foreplay, not full intercourse!

D, 24 from Essex
I left my barber as he increased the price for no apparent reason. Why would I pay more when I can get the same service elsewhere?! It’s always awkward when you see when one of your ex barbers though, it’s best to just avoid eye contact and pretend like you never met each other before!


It’s pretty safe to say that most men have cheated on their barber. It happens now and again and we shouldn’t feel too guilty about it, as I said above, it’s not a marriage so you are not legally bound to anything. We are all busy people and at the end of the day, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to stay fresh!

If you value your barber and you do cheat, do right by him. Be upfront and honest and move on the relationship with renewed understanding of where you both stand. Or end it and start your new blossoming relationship with a clean slate.

Doing my research on this topic and interviewing people for their perspective gets in context just how important a man’s barber is. Ultimately, they have control over how you are perceived in society. They could be the difference between getting that girls number in the club or even getting through that job interview.  So, when you find a good one, hold on to them!!

I want to hear from you. Have you cheated on your barber?! If so, what happened after?

I will leave you with this; Big Tobz and Blitz, #BelieveInYourBarber

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