5 reasons you should be watching #FilthyFellas


What’s better than some good old fashioned football banter with your mates? Not much to be honest. And that’s why we at musicfootballfatherhood.com love the show that is #FilthyFellas.

#FilthyFellas is an online show which features fans from some of the ‘big’ clubs (note QPR are not included, hence the word ‘some’ lol) discussing the latest football news. Expect banter aplenty as fans from Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool & Manchester United go at each other.

Released each week throughout the football season, here are 5 reasons you should be watching #FilthyFellas:

  1. IT’S REALLY FUNNY – the rivalry and banter between the presenters is hilarious. No team is safe as the lads take every opportunity to get one up on each other.
  2. IT’S UNIQUE – the show format is different to anything out there. The informal setup on the sofas and the subjects discussed mean you get to take in football views from different perspectives while being entertained.
  3. IT’S THE LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS – sometimes life gets in the way, and when it does Football sometimes suffers. If that is the case, #FilthyFellas is the perfect way to catch-up on what’s been happening.
  4. NO HOLDS BARRED HONESTY¬†– no topic is off the table. For a prime example, see this episode on Ashley Young’s bird poo lips!
  5. BECAUSE WE SAY SO – and you know we wouldn’t recommend any old nonsense.

Watch the latest episode of #FilthyFellas here:


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