Fatherhood, Acting & Creative Entrepreneurship: In Conversation With Nii Odartei Evans

MusicFootballFatherhood.com is all about featuring inspirational figures in our community, focusing on great fathers and entrepreneurs. One such man is Nii Odartei Evans; a writer, actor, producer, husband and father from London.

You may know Nii as the man behind the legendary club night Ment2Excel. As a father of two and a creative entrepreneur, Nii encapsulates what we are all about; the modern British Man embracing life through fatherhood, relationships and entrepreneurship.

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I sat down with Nii to discuss fatherhood, family and business. In the conversation we discussed how fatherhood had changed him, how his parents have shaped his own parenting style, the challenges of fatherhood and much more.

I deeply resonated with Nii’s experiences and perspectives. Our generation is approaching parenting with new knowledge and information based on our environment and experiences. Add that to our own experiences of growing up, it’s interesting how being a father in 2016 calls for a good amount of reflection and consideration. Full of interesting anecdotes and stories, listen to the insightful conversation here, the first in our #FatherhoodStories Podcast series:

Nii’s top tip for new fathers:

“Take time to nuture the relationship with your partner. To give your children a strong foundation you need to have a great partnership with your wife. This sets a great example for your children. Communication is the key, you need to be interested in what each other are doing. You may need to take some practical steps to make sure this happens, regularly date nights are a good start.”

ment2excel bannerAs well as being a father of two, Nii also owns Ment2Excel digital, a production company and online channel which focuses on providing Inspirational, motivational and aspirational content.

“The last Ment2Exel was in 2012. Our audience got older, got married and had kids. We want to move with them so we are growing the digital arm of ment2exel. A platform which speaks directly to us”

The upcoming Fatherhood series is Ment2Excel Digital’s flagship show due for release in Summer 2016. The Fatherhood series is an online drama following the lives of four friends as they go through their individual father related issues.

The show started life as a documentary and evolved into a drama series. Borne out of the frustration of being type-casted into particular roles, Nii wrote Fatherhood as a means of creating an opportunity to play the type of role that he wanted to be casted for.

fatherhoodIn Fatherhood, the four friends; Isaac, Michael, Ayo and Jamal are dealing with issues such as difficulty conceiving, blended families and disagreements about wanting children with their partner.

When asked why the drama was important and necessary,  Nii said: “The aim is to show Men talking to each other about things that we don’t usually talk about. I’m really interested in the dynamics of relationships between Men. It’s important to show Men in a positive light, helping each other deal with life’s challenges.”

Nii has big plans for Fatherhood and Ment2Excel digital. Referencing Black & Sexy TV, Nii wants to be the market leader in producing inspirational and aspirational content for our community. Being referred as a visionary, Nii is embracing the challenge and facing the prospect of success head on.

The Fatherhood series will launch this Summer with 6 episodes in the first season. Checkout the trailer below for a taster of what to expect.

Written by Elliott Rae

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