The Launch Of The #FatherhoodStories Podcast

We at love a good conversation and we are avid listeners of podcasts, especially ones from the UK. There are plenty of podcasts which are telling the stories of millennials in the UK and to celebrate the increase of great new and established podcasts in London, we wrote the piece ‘Talk The Tings: The Rise Of The Podcast’ which is now one of our most popular posts.

The conversations we hear are addressing many issues that effect us all. But one massive topic was missing; Fatherhood.

Looking at Fatherhood from the unique perspective of the modern British Black man, the #FatherhoodStories podcast speaks to fathers to share their experiences, perspectives and stories.

We’ll be covering topics such as work-life balance, career progression, flexible working, nurturing the relationship with your partner and balancing the finances. All while challenging the social perception of the modern British Father. Through the podcast we want to inspire the next generation of parents by celebrating some of the great Fathers in our community, talking to them about their experiences and perspectives. Each episode of the monthly podcast, hosted by our Editor-in-Chief Elliott Rae, will feature a special guest.

The series kicked of with a conversation with actor, creative entrepreneur and father of two, Nii Odartei Evans.

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