#MFFPlays July 17 Playlist

We are back with the freshest hiphop and grime for you! This playlist is hype and perfect for rolling around in the whip on a nice July summer day. We’ve have a mix of UK and US vibes and of course we had to play homage to Prodigy #RIP.

Margs – ‘What Have You Done?’ – This is an absolute banger from Margs who is back after a brief hiatus. The beat on it’s own is absolute fire and the north london rapper delivers some catchy and clever bars proving how he has schooled the youngers in the game.

DJ Khaled ft Pusha T & Jadakiss – ‘Good Man’ – Khaled dropped a new album last week and for me, this is the standout track. Pusha comes with some haaaaaaaaard bars “tell me how you fit in, was you a street guy when Nas dropped said It Was Written, when Reasonable Doubt dropped how was you living?” Jadakiss does what Kiss does best and blesses us with a hot 16. The beat is fire and I really like the sample flip. This is a track i’ll be playing for a while to come.

DJ Khaled ft Travis Scott, Rick Ross & Big Sean – ‘On Everything’ – this is one for the club, the bass and drums on the production are crazy! The track will make you feel like a million dollars. The definition of wavey and the video is cool too. Rick and Sean shine on their verses but it’s really Travis on the chorus and the beat that make the tune.

MoStack ft MIST – ‘Screw & Brew’ – you probably know that we are big fans of MIST at MFF. We went to his show earlier in the year and since then he’s continued to drop gems. The latest is this collab with MoStack from Mo’s new EP ‘High Street Kid’. This a catchy one.

J Hus – ‘Spirit’ – If you haven’t given the Hus album a chance please do. He is a super-talented songwriter, singer and rapper and has worked with the equally talented producer JAE5 on his album Common Sense. ‘Spirit’ is such a timely song as it’s a tune about strength, belief and resilience. The second verse is one of the verses of the year for me “I knew a kid, 16 with 2 kids, don’t they grow up fast, step outside and graft, your line don’t bang coz you woke up last”. It’s an uplifting song that deserves to be heard.

Mobb Deep – ‘Quiet Storm’ – what can I say about this track that hasn’t been said before? This is one of the most iconic hiphop tunes of all time. The Havoc produced beat and flows from Prodigy and Havoc were part of my introduction to hiphop, the shaped the New York sound and are legends in their own right #RIPProdigy.

J Hus – ‘Leave Me’ – this track is FIRE! Hus shows his melodic and lyrical ability on this track “knew an armed robber used to be a shop lifter, now me and him got beef and we know longer speak, still….help his nan across the street. Still put him in a body bag, still help his momma with the shopping bags. I’m with a surgeon and a chemist, steak and lettuce when we’re peckish” Absolute FIRE! And the chorus is catchy as f!!k over another JAE5 production.

Mobb Deep – ‘Win or Lose’ – definitely not one of the most well known Mobb Deep tracks but I used to bump this one back in the day. taken from the Amerikaz Nightmare album, it’s a track of defiance and I love the sample used without the track.

Disclaimer: this playlist contains explicit language, it’s to be enjoyed with the mamden, not with the kidsdem.

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