#MFFrecommends: treat the wifey with the ultimate cinema experience – by James Roach

For a recent Date Night with my Wife, we decided we wanted to grab some food and watch a decent movie. However we weren’t keen on the usual multiplex experience and wanted something a little more special for one of our rare nights out. After a bit of Googling I found the perfect place for us! One that was intimate (36 seats), sold Alcohol (important), had plush sofas, and of course showed the movie we wanted to see (Baby Driver).image4


The cinema we visited was Everyman On The Corner in Kings Cross.

You are going to pay a little more for a ticket here (£18 per ticket), but for a special night out the extra expenditure is well worth it. Aside from the Alcohol and two seater sofas you’ll also be surrounded by a more mature crowd, so no sniggering or phones ringing. You’ll also be treated to one of the best sounding cinemas I’ve experienced.

All in all, I recommend this place and other boutique cinemas as a relatively easy way of spicing up the usual movie going experience, I’ll certainly be back soon.

Please do let us know of any other little gems you guys have found.

Written by James Roach

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