BuzzFeed feature our founder, Elliott Rae, in a piece about fatherhood, MFF & the future

Being a father is the best job in the world. BuzzFeed’s Tolani Shoneye has written a heartfelt article on what being a father means to them and it features our founder, Elliott Rae. Elliott talks about black fathers in the media and his hopes for his daughter growing up.

“I want her to have a sense of self, to know that she can be herself at all times and to know that she is beautiful. Being a little black girl, the world is going to have a lot for her and I need her to be confident in herself – I need her to believe in her strength and know that I always have her back. My wife has a real strong sense of self and I feel good that the pressure is not all on me to teach her that, because I know she will get that from her mother too.”

Checkout the full article here.



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