MFF recommends: Family raving at Ravertots

We’ve been to a couple of daytime family raves and we love them. Our little 2 year old is a raver at heart so when we are in the club, music playing loud, balloons in the air and glow sticks on wrists, she is in her element.

Ravertots took place in Fire in Vauxhall. A legendary venue known for proper raves and although I’d wanted to go for a few years, I never thought the first time I would go would be with the family. Life aye! As we entered the venue you could tell straight away that this was going to be a proper party. The main room was packed and MC Shabba was spitting bars and doing what he does best.

We had alot of fun and although I’m not massively into drum and bass, the vibes were good as the DJ and MC interacted with the crowd and the organisers had Ironman and a Minion out to meet the children. The other parents in attendance were really friendly and everyone was just out to have a good time. Raver tots have themed events so I would say that when you are booking, make sure it’s a music genre that you really like as they stick to that music for the whole night. On reflection, we probably should have booked for the Garage Nation tour coming up soon.

The only criticism I would say is that there wasn’t any baby changing area so we had to change our little one in a cubicle in the women’s toilets which wasn’t a great experience. It’s also a pretty full on party so you’ll need to be a proper raver family to not be a bit intimidated by the amount of people and volume of the music. That being said there were a couple of other rooms with soft play areas that were a little more chilled out.

At Ravertots you get a great two hours of partying and your little one is guaranteed a good night sleep after, they will be knackered!

Ravertots gets the MFF seal of approval.

You can find out more information about Ravertots and book tickets to future events here.

Written by Elliott Rae

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