Samuel Windsor – #DressLikeYourIcon Campaign – by Cal-I Jonel

Hey, Cal-I here. Everyone wants to be a star, right? What better way to achieve this than to grab a few items from Samuel Windsor followed by an in-house photoshoot courtesy of little sis!

Look 1: The Elba

For the first look I went with the fellow Hackney born man and actor, Idris Elba. This nice, polo-top look pulled off by Elba is a nice mix between smart and casual. You can’t go wrong with this one. I opted for the green cashmere polo jumper to recreate the Idris look with hopefully successful results! Maybe I’ll go the whole nine yards next time and create the entire DCI John Luther look!

Idris Elba still taken from “Matthew McConaughey & Idris Elba Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions” | WIRED – Published on Youtube – 2017


Look 2:

I’m often told I look like! I finally decided to settle this dispute with a stylish  black corduroy shirt accompanied by a (model’s own) white tee. I based the look on’s black and white look worn during the audition rounds of this season’s The Voice. So, does the black corduroy shirt bring me one step closer to looking like his doppelgänger? What say ye? I’ve got a feeling! still taken from | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2019 – Ep.7










Look 3: The Crooner

I enlisted the help of a few R&B singers past and present to create my final vision. I took a liking to the burgundy and yellow colour scheme worn by PJ Morton during the live recording of his YouTube featured Gumbo album. I used a wine-coloured corduroy shirt and some of my own accessories (hats and t-shirt) to fashion the perfect gentleman R&B/soul crooner look. The entire look fused styles adorned by the late-great Marvin Gaye and R&B contemporaries, Usher and PJ Morton. Let’s just say, I felt the part!

It was nice to play dress up for the afternoon. I’ve added some great new garments to my wardrobe which will help me to look the part during the next school run, or gig- of course!

Marvin Gaye – Youtube










PJ Morton still – PJ Morton – Gumbo Unplugged (Live) – Published on Youtube 2018









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Written by Cal-I J. Muirhead

Photography by Akilah Muirhead

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