Family Fun at Bing Live!

My daughter has always loved Bing. It’s was probably her first ever ‘favourite’ TV show and even though she has embraced other shows since then, she always goes back to Bing. So when we told her that we were going to see Bing live at Watford Colosseum, to say she was excited would have been an understatement. The little one’s favourite character is not actually Bing, she tends to favour the female lead – Sula. So much so that she kept telling all her friends that we were going to Sula Live rather than Bing Live lol.

We took our seats in the theatre and waited in anticipation, trying to avoid the bright lights of the ferris wheel toy we bought distracting our view! The show started with Flop and the main characters were slowly introduced. I really liked how this was done as it gave space for each character to get the introduction they deserved. The little one loved Sula especially (no surprises there!). 

The show itself was really good. The storyline was easy to follow and had enough surprises to keep the kids entertained throughout. The actors were enthusiastic and there were sing-along songs and dance routines which got the audience involved. 

The show duration was a nice length too, long enough to feel like you’re getting your moneys worth with a nice break in the middle.

Overall, it was a really really fun afternoon out. It was nice to spend family time together doing something that we all enjoyed. The show clearly had an impact on the little one as she’s been talking about it ever since!

MFF fully recommends Bing Live – purchase tickets for a show here.

Written by Elliott

Disclaimer – we were gifted tickets to the show but you can rest assured – these are our honest and unbiased views 🙂 

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