Watch Sherwood, the new Youtube originals series

We settled in as a family to watch Sherwood on a Sunday afternoon and were soon gripped, adults and kids alike by the very modern socially conscious Robin of Sherwood and her team of renegades. This ten half hour episodic series produced by YouTube Originals is set in an ominous, dystopian 2270 after the impact of climate change and the cast of teenage saviours shine bright in the shadows.

Sherwood - Ep 1 ”The Future Robin Hood”

The writer Justin Trefgarne has tapped in to the Greta Thunberg generation and it’s clear that the teenagers are here to save the world from the evil grip of power held by the Sheriff. It’s hard to give this an age rating; there is some mild cartoon violence in the shape of robotic sea creatures with long tentacles and it might scare younger viewers.

The plot is intricate, the dialogue sharp so it may appeal more to a teenage and adult audience but our younger ones hung on for the fast paced action. There’s a stellar cast including Anya Chalotra, Tyler Posey, Jamie Chung and Joseph Fiennes and slick animation. We’ll be watching the rest of the series and have no doubt that it will attract a growing fan base of teens, ready to save the world.

Written by The Smith Family

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