Gift Ideas to Cheer up the Active Woman in Your Life!

If your wife or girlfriend is the active type – whether sport or fitness is something she has always been interested in, or something she is just getting into to try and boost her health and fitness as a mother – then it can definitely be a good jumping off point when it comes to choosing gifts for her. Whether it’s her birthday, anniversary, or you just want to make her feel appreciated with a special gift, here are some ideas that are certain to make her happy!

A Smart Watch

Fitness trackers and fitness focused smart watches are really popular these days, as they make for a stylish accessory now that manufacturers are making more diverse designs, and they also make monitoring your activity more fun. Add to that the extra features many newer designs have – such as tracking sleep, and integrating with her phone to allow her to receive message notifications and even change the music she’s listening to from her wrist – and it’s clear to see how much use a fitness fan will get out of one of these! Look out for attractive models like the Fitbit Versa, or consider getting a smartwatch by the same manufacturer as her phone (such as the Samsung S2) for even better integrated features.

Designer Sneakers

It may be a cliché that women love designer shoes more than any other clothing items, but it is certainly true of a lot of people! While you may feel out of your depth picking out heels or boots for the woman in your life and getting it right, sneakers can be a bit easier, and a beautiful high end pair like the range of Givenchy sneakers you can find at SSENSE are guaranteed to delight her! SSENSE is a good luxury online retailer where you can find the newest lines from all of the major fashion houses, so you can check out stunning sneakers by brands like Balenciaga and Gucci, and make sure you’re choosing something she’ll love.

Specialist Equipment

If she is into a sport or activity, then this can be an even easier way to get inspired for gifts, as long as you do a bit of research about it if it isn’t a hobby you share. She loves kickboxing? Consider setting up her own punch bag somewhere she can train at home. She plays tennis? Research rackets, or, if that isn’t the best idea, given she already has one she loves, look out for nice accessories like a new tennis bag. Most activities come with some items you either need, or can train better if you have, so whether it’s a new surfboard, a mountain bike, football boots, or tap shoes, you can probably find something connected with her passion that she’d either like, or like an upgrade for!

These are just a few ideas to get you started if you are stuck thinking about what to buy as a special occasion gift for your partner.

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