MFF on the Guilty Feminist Podcast

If you follow any of our social media platforms you may have noticed we, MFF,  were honoured guests on the Guilty Feminist Podcast.

When Elliott told me if I was interested in taking part, I have to confess, I had no idea what the podcast was about. Seeing as I am a regular on our Daddy Debates podcast, I figured, how hard could it be? It was only after my sister told me how big it is that I realised I had to do a bit of due diligence here.

I listened to the last couple of podcasts, and I have to say, they are really good. So for starters, take this as an unashamed plug. But also, it was clear this was a very specific audience so we did have a bit of fear factor going in.

For anyone who has heard their podcasts, you will be familiar with their comedy routine of ‘I am a feminist but, …’ For those that do not know it, it is basically a joke about a non-feminist view held by a feminist. I, for some weird reason, thought we all had to have a prepared joke. This was reserved, as it turned out, for the professional comedians, but I did prepare one nonetheless, you can never be too thorough.

So, for those wondering, here is my prepared joke:

‘I am a feminist but, I think cross dressing is probably more of a challenge for men than it is for women.’

Let me know how terrible or great that is.

I met Elliott at Nandos before the show, and to my shock, he was on time. In fact, he was early, so I know he was nervous. With this being the case, it was only right we had a couple of beverages to build up our courage.

The venue, event and set-up was, shall we say, a bit more impressive than ours. We don’t have a green room for starters, yet a lone space for an audience of however many hundred. We actually sat in the audience while the opening segment was recorded, and to be honest, Johnny’s take on humour, albeit tongue-in-cheek, did feel like maybe we were lambs to the slaughter.

However, and I won’t give any spoilers as to what was said in the show, it was a really positive discussion and the audience really warmed to what we are trying to achieve with the platform. The best feedback being the conversations people had with us once we had finished the show, a number of audience members were really encouraged and supportive of the message, and essentially, that was the key purpose of going on the podcast.

I would really like to thank everyone at the Guilty Feminist Podcast for being so warm, welcoming and for sharing your platform with us, we would love to come on again to talk more in detail about this.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify here or via youtube::

176. Fatherhood with Johnny Cochrane, Elliot Rae and JJ

Written by JJabbal

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