The dad podcast for figuring out fatherhood #DaddyDebates

Finally, finally, finally the dad podcast for figuring out fatherhood is here! We’ve been working hard over the last few months and we’ve been fitting in the time, you know, with us being busy dads, to spend some time away from fatherhood – to discuss fatherhood.

Watch Elliott, Cal-I, JJ and Sam talk about all the challenges that come with being a dad. We are all quite different individuals who have unique experiences and perspectives – it’s what makes the podcast special! We touch on all the topics written about on the blog and discussed in our weekly #DaddyDebates twitter chat.

Being amongst other dads, away from the mums, we have an honest chat that can get deep but can also get a bit silly. Of course we discuss the real challenges of fatherhood and our survival plans, form the awesome discovery of nappacinos (tune in and learn) to how the hell you can let your kid support a different football team to you. We believe that while fatherhood is serious business, we should also be having fun along the way, so expect plenty of jokes and laughs.

It’s not a seminar, it’s a podcast for dads talking about dad stuff

We try to be honest and share our experience, so share our journey with us. This isn’t a seminar, just dads talking about dad stuff. I think it’s worth it just to hear JJ call his son a dickhead. He loves his son though, promise.

We’ve had some amazing feedback since our launch. Have a look at what people have been saying below and let us know what you think by commenting on the website or hitting us up on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DaddyDebates. We want your ideas about different topics that we should be talking about. It can be anything parenting related, no matter how light-hearted or serious – we’ll also be touching on music and football! Hit us up on social media or comment below with some suggestions 😉

Watch the dad podcast first episode below and catch-up here on all the episodes.

What people are saying about DaddyDebates

Podcast for dads - twitter feedback

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