IG Live – Thursday 28th May – Going back to school and managing anxiety in children

Schools are reopening on Monday. There has been lots of debate about whether it’s safe or not and lots of parents have differing views about when is the right time to send their kids back to school.

At the middle of all this are our children. And for many of them, returning back to school after such a long break may be something they are nervous about.

MusicFootballFatherhood will be hosting an IG Live event tonight in collaboration with Natalie Costa from Power Thoughts. Natalie specialises in confidence coaching for children. The event will focus on how we as parents can help our children back to school and alleviate any anxieties they may have.

We’ll be kicking off at 8.30pm. Join us on Instagram – @MFFonline_

We’ll be taking questions in the comment section so please do get involved! 😀

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