EVENT: Mixed parenting and #BlackLivesMatter (Tuesday 23rd June)

There’s been a shift in the last few weeks. The tragic murder of George Floyd and subsequent #BlackLivesMatter protests have brought race issues to the forefront. And many of us have been reflecting with our friends and family on how systemic racism effects us and impacts of everyday experience.

How have recent events impacted mixed race families? What conversations are taking place within mixed-race families? What issues have arisen?

We’d like you to join us on Tuesday 23rd June to have an open conversation. We’ll have a few couples speaking on their experiences and some time for eveyone to get involved in the discussion.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. We want people from all races, ages and genders to be involved

These are tough times and tough discussions to be had. Let’s continue to show solidarity, learn from each other and support one another.

To register, email hello@musicfootballfatherhood.com.

Pls share with anyone you think may be interested 👊🏽

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