Thought about sleep training? Here’s a guide for new parents. – By Belinda Moss

A lot of parents have tried a variety of sleep training methods in trying to get their babies to sleep peacefully through the night. A few fail to understand that during the baby’s first few months this may be an impossible feat as babies at that age are not neurologically ready for sleep training.

It is not advisable to start newborns on any sleep training techniques, as a matter of fact, the ideal age to start sleep training your baby is 4 months according to Dr.Ferber, the proponent of the Ferberization method. This method of sleep training is fast gaining popularity as many parents feel they owe their peaceful nights to this method.

The Ferber method thrives on a number of principles or rules that parents are expected to strictly adhere to if they are to achieve any success with their infants.

  • Consult a pediatrician before commencing sleep training.
  • Before bedtime, ensure your infant is well fed, wearing comfortable night clothes and is placed in a safe, comfortable position in the cot.

For more information on the Ferberization method, check out the infographic below.


By Belinda Moss

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