MFF recommends: Sophie Says It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

by Jermaine and family

During these difficult times it’s more important than ever to remind our children that ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. As parents and carers, we might worry we don’t have the right words to say. Or we may be unsure how to start a conversation with our children about how they are feeling.

The Sophie Says It’s Okay Not to Be Okay story by Esther Marshall and Buzz Burry is a wonderful way to gently introduce the importance of sharing how you feel, noticing when other people are feeling sad, listening, and showing that you care in your actions towards other people. It’s also good to take time out from busy family life to slow down and read a book together. Our children loved this story with the beautiful, inclusive illustrations.


Sophie Says It’s Okay Not to Be Okay  follows Sophie and her friends Jordyn, Jamie and, of course Bunny, on their journey through Jamie’s feelings. The book is aimed at children aged 2-8 and teaches them the importance of caring for their mental health, and the mental health of others in a creative and authentic way. It encourages open discussions about wellbeing between parents and children. With beautiful illustrations and a fantastically written story, this is a must-read for children.

Stella and Elijah reading Sophie says it’s okay not to be okay together

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