Love Literacy – the London based tuition service

Love Literacy, founded in 2012, is a London based tuition service dedicated to raising the attainment of our wide community of learners. It was birthed out of a desire to support parents in ensuring their children have the best opportunity to succeed. Lessons are taught by qualified and highly-experienced staff who personalise learning to suit the needs of individual students. The tuition service offers both Maths and English, as well as other subjects from KS1-4. We also provide adult literacy courses.

Now Online

As a response to Covid19 and the subsequent lockdown, Love Literacy launched its online service offering weekly English and Maths classes online. Love Literacy Online now boasts a strong community of learners who are taught weekly by qualified and well-experienced teachers. Every student is given an online profile which enables them to access lessons, submit homework and receive feedback from teachers on a weekly basis to facilitate a rigorous and deep learning curve.

Who Are We?

Love Literacy is run by two qualified teachers, Zara Muirhead and Cal-I Muirhead who have practised for 25 years, combined, with a Master’s degree, literacy specialism and middle leadership experience between them.

Mrs. Zara Muirhead, its founding director, has 13 years’ experience in education, at Robert Clack School, specialising in literacy intervention; at West Hatch School as a KS4-KS5 teacher; and at Mayfield School as an Inclusion Teacher.

Love Literacy is co-directed by qualified teacher and MFF team member Cal-I Jonel Muirhead. Cal-I has been in education and leadership for 13 years, with Media, Drama and English specialism. He has Pastoral and Curriculum leadership through middle management. As a musician, trained actor and playwright, he is passionate about supporting students in developing textual analysis skills, critical thinking and a love for the Arts. He recognises the important role Performance Art plays in developing rounded individuals.

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