Broccoli Book Club – A Socially Progressive Podcast Analysing Timely and Thought Provoking Reads

Broccoli Book Club – A Socially Progressive Podcast Analysing Timely and Thought Provoking Reads

At a time when our collective thoughts are being shared across multiple social media platforms the need to learn, enrich our minds and encourage critical thinking through book reading is an important one.  Broccoli Content presents Broccoli Book Club; a ‘real book club’ podcast that the audience can follow along on a month by month basis bringing together socially relevant conversations and thought-provoking books.  The series discusses
literature which pushes for inquisitive and forward thinking minds to learn something new and true to everything that Broccoli Content stands for – ultimately encouraging social change.

Hosted by multimedia Journalist and book lover Diyora Shadijanova;  each month Broccoli Book Club will select and read one book and will be releasing two episodes every month.  In the first one Diyora will be joined by two guests to talk about the book and two weeks later in the second release, Diyora speaks one to one with the author of the book. Episode 1 of the Broccoli Book Club features Laura Dockrill’s powerful memoir, ‘What Have I Done?’ in which Laura is ‘determined to break the stigma around post-natal mental health, shatter the romanticised expectations of perfect motherhood, and to empower parents: you are not alone’. Joining Diyora to discuss it is the multimedia journalist and writer Freddy McConnell.

The first episode in each month is the group discussion of the book where Diyora and her guests share views on everything from first impressions, things that they liked or disliked to their big takeaways from the experience and who they would give their copy to read. Listeners are encouraged to read along with the Broccoli Book Club, gain insight into different perspectives and send their own thoughts about the book via voice note to the
Broccoli Content Team – making this an interactive and accessible book club.

In the second episode released two weeks later, Diyora will be speaking to that months author – about the books and other things that have shaped and influenced them and their writing giving listeners a more in-depth insight into the imaginations and working minds of
these authors.

Listeners are encouraged to join Broccoli Book Club, whilst reading along and also making suggestions of what they would like to hear covered through The Broccoli Content social media channels and Goodreads account.

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Current list of Broccoli Book Club books:

  • Afropean – Johny Pitts
  • Mindf*ck – Christopher Wylie
  • Humankind – Rutger Bregman
  • What Have I Done? – Laura Dockrill
  • The Good Immigrant – Edited by Nikesh Shukla

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Broccoli Content was founded in 2018 by award-winning producer Renay Richardson after the runaway success of her independently produced podcast About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge. Broccoli Content’s purpose is to create content that’s good for you, while opening opportunities for minority talent both in front of, and behind, the mic. Featuring a diverse team of storytellers and audio enthusiasts, Broccoli Content’s goal is to build an inclusive environment that breaks away from the stale and pale mainstream cultural industry, while offering audiences healthy and bold media alternatives. Their current slate includes the flagship series Your Broccoli Weekly hosted journalist Diyora Shadijanova, The Anthems Series of bite-sized of audio manifestos and Money 101, a millennial personal finance podcast, for BBC Sounds. In 2019, Broccoli Content formed a joint-venture with Sony Music Entertainment to develop creative and challenging audio content for global audiences.

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