Interview with Dr Ranj – How to Grow Up

As a child, “growing up” is something I thought about WAY more than I should have done, in hindsight. I couldn’t wait to do all the things grown-ups could do; drive, go to the cinema and watch 18+ movies, stay out late, get a job, get married, have children, have my own house, the list goes on. However, growing-up meant there were other things I needed to navigate through first, before being able to experience and pursue those dreams. Without having a constant male role model in my life, navigating these challenges would prove challenging at times

If you are unsure what I am talking about, it is puberty and everything it entails. I was raised by my mother and my dad would make the odd cameo appearance. It was difficult for her to explain the changes I would be going through and what I would be feeling, so when I was given the opportunity to interview Dr Ranj about his new book “How To Grow Up” I jumped at the chance because I know there is SO much value in a book that tells you about puberty as a young boy, and informs parents that are trying to support their child.

Alec and I had the privilege to get an early copy of his book to read through before the interview with Dr Ranj. We hope you enjoy the interview and be sure to grab your copy of the book when it is released – get your copy from here

By Matt Brown.


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