Being a dad and having weeks to live – new #DaddyDebates podcast episode with Nicholas Clitheroe

Being a dad and having weeks to live

There are some conversations that you just never forget. I had one of those conversations a couple of weeks ago when I spoke to an amazing man called Nick. I met Nick on Linkedin after he posted about a list he was starting for his son. The post was explaining that he had been given weeks to live by his doctors and he wanted to ask his network to volunteer to help his 10 year old son navigate his career when he gets older. Reuben’s list was born and hundreds of people from all walks of life have volunteered to help Reuben.

Nick and his son Reuben

Before the Liverpool v Man City game with Reuben, Nick’s brother, Nick’s friend Ryan and nurse Radu

I felt a sense of calm when talking to Nick, a calm that I don’t often experience. Nick has an incredible gift for communicating and putting people at ease. I wasn’t surprised when he said he works as a coach for a living. Many would think that speaking with someone who only has weeks to live would be a difficult conversation, and in some ways it was but in other ways it was one of the most inspirational and insightful conversations I have ever had. We spoke about fear, death, relationships and peace. Nick talked about how his terminal cancer has taught him lessons and how it has deepened his relationships. He spoke about how his cancer has made him be the most authentic version of himself.

Nick with fiancé, Bel

Nick at his birthday gathering in July 21

I was in complete awe of how Nick is handling his circumstances. Nick’s perspective on life is one that I think we can all learn from.

The message that Nick wanted to leave us with was to be your most authentic self – in our relationships, our work and every day interactions. It’s a message that will live with me forever. Thank you Nick.

I want to say a massive thank you to Nick for speaking to us. You can listen to the full conversation on our #DaddyDebates podcast here.

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