Happy Father’s Day!


It’s always nice to be appreciated. Being a parent is often a thankless task, an unpaid job. So once in awhile it’s nice to have a day that you can call your own! And that’s exactly what Father’s day is for us.

Through this platform I like to discuss the fatherhood journey. The emotions, the practicalities and the ups and downs. For me personally the first few months of being a new dad were relatively easy, but the last couple have been a lot more difficult. Tiredness kicks in, work gets a bit busier and the race to keep up with baby’s developments seems to get faster. That being said, the joy and love that my daughter brings is absolutely amazing and although parenting has definitely become more challenging, it’s also become more and more rewarding. I’ll be expanding on all this in a future post.

But for now I’m just going to keep it short and sweet and tell you all to kick back, relax and enjoy your day. There are soooo many great Fathers out there, ones that I know personally who are excellent people and deserve to have this one day to be singled out for a little bit of appreciation.

So with that being said –  MASSIVE HAPPY FATHERS DAY – from us at MusicFootballFatherhood.com



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