What Went Down At Wretch32’s #GrowingOverLife album launch party

On Friday 2nd September Wretch 32 released his third studio album, the hotly anticipated ‘Growing Over Life’. I’ve been a Wretch fan since his early mixtapes, ‘Learn From My Mixtape’ and ‘Teacher’s Training Day’ which were released back in 2006, so I was looking forward to hearing how he has progressed on this new album. I was working from home on Friday so took the chance to have a listen to the album and I have to say, it’s FIRE!!
wretch album
 I was also looking forward to lucky enough to attend the album release party hosted by Noisey at their new venue Kamio in Shoreditch. Half the UK rap scene and the industry came out to support as Wretch performed a few tracks from his new album, Julie Adenuga hosted Grime karaoke and Manny Norte and DJ Smasherelly provided the musical soundtrack. Being at the party just highlighted how successful the UK underground scene is. It’s good to see so many young black successful rappers achieving big things. Rappers like Giggs, who has just had a number 2 album, Skepta, Konan and Stormzy all partying and celebrating together is a good look for the UK scene. We are at a time now where we have real hood stars who have crossed over into the mainstream while keeping their authentic sound. What a time to be alive!

As for the Growing Over Life album? After a few listens it’s definitely sounding legendary already. Wretch32 has delivered a solid body of work which showcases his supreme lyricism, top notch production and touches on some very real and relatable issues. Every track is strong and it’s definitely going to rival Kano’s ‘Made In The Manor’ for album of the year.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy of the album!!

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