Help to build and revamp the MFF brand (survey link inside)

Hello good people is a platform for grown conversation about all things music, football and fatherhood. Think of us as “the Mumsnet for Dads”.

We launched in March 2016 and we create content for a diverse audience which makes us the first of our kind in the UK. It all started when, as a black British man about to become a first time father, I searched the internet for perspectives and experiences written by people like me. I couldn’t find any so decided to create the platform that I wanted to see. Since our launch we have had an overwhelming amount of interest which has allowed us to connect with different people worldwide and work with a few cool brands.

The response has been so good that we have decided to revamp and relaunch the brand in early 2017, with a new website and video series being the first part of this.

But before we do this, we need your help. We want to make sure we are creating a brand that represents you, something that you would be proud to visit, consume and share. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to compete this short survey. Your feedback is appreciated and it will help to build the ultimate platform for the cool & cultured British man of our generation.

Please follow this link to complete the survey:

Thank you
Elliott (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

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