What You Should Be Listening Too? The freshest UK music on ‘The February 17 Playlist’

It’s that time again, didn’t January fly by! We’ve selected the best new UK & US tracks for your listening pleasure. We’ve got some HEAT for you this month!

Also, there’s been a little change to the way we do our playlists. Soundcloud are clamping down on the tracks they allow to be uploaded, it’s part of their efforts to charge people for streaming. That’s all good but doesn’t work for us, i mean who is paying for Soundcloud?! So from now on we will be creating our playlists on Deezer and posting individual links to YouTube videos just in case you haven’t got the Deezer app. Just a plug tho, the Deezer app is amazing, all the latest tracks are available at the touch of a button, it’s definitely worth investing in if you love music.

Wiley – Speakerbox
Wiley’s new album is FIRE!! And Speakerbox is a classic Wiley tune, from the beat to the flow and lyrics, Wiley takes me back to 2003 and Rinse FM tapes. Godfather is a classic album and one that cements Wiley’s legacy in Grime. I urge you to check it out and appreciate the greatness!

Wiley – Laptop
The beat on this track is a mad ting! And the lyrics really relate to me as even though he’s talking about his laptop in a musical sense, i think any hustler can relate to having a tool that they use to do things DIY and achieve their goal. Manga also adds a sick sick verse, he’s definitely under rated.

Te dness – Rather Get Money
Te dness is another under rated artist who I think will have a big 2017. ‘Rather Get Money’ is an uptempo bouncy banger released on the new ‘New Gen’ album. Te talks about his hustle and his drive to make that money. This is the kind of tune I really need to hear loud in the club. The New Gen album overall is really impressive, kind of like the UK’s version of Khaled’s ‘Major Key’ album in how the artists come together to create banger after banger.

AJ Tracey – My Ways
This has been on repeat for the last 4 days. I honestly didn’t know that AJ had this in him. I knew he could spit hard bars (like on his Thiago Silva collab with Santan Dave) but he takes a completely different approach on this track, spitting reflective bars and painting pictures over a soulful beat. I’ve got a feeling this will be on repeat for a longtime into the future.

Lethal B ft Giggs and Flow Dan – Round Here
The highlight of the track for me is the BASS! The Heavy Trackerz produced banger is defo one for the clubs. Lethal B knows how to make a hit and he has done it again. Giggs is getting a reputation as the feature killer and he came hard on this track along with Flow Dan who adds his own unique patios flow to the track.

Avelino – Know My Name
Avelino is the next one up. He’s lyrical, can hold a note, has the flows and picks good beats. ‘Know my name’ is his new offering which will introduce him to a whole new audience. The production is really creative on this one, I especially like the organs at the end, all in all – it’s a banger!

Dave x J hus – Samantha
Dave and J Hus have come together on this piano led track ‘Samantha’. These are two of the most creative artists in the UK and you can tell from the whole production that they took time to merge their two styles. The video for the track is also very creative and well worth checking out.




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