Event Review: ‘Mist’ Live In London

We headed down to Mist’s live show in Camden’s Koko on Monday 27th March. We are genuine fans of Mist so like everyone else, we dug deep in our pockets, hit the Ticketmaster website and booked tickets for what ended up being a sold out show.

I first heard about Mist when my wife played me his hit ‘Karla’s Back’ around last summer. I liked it but can’t lie, I wasn’t blown away straight away. But when the video for ‘Aint The Same’ landed on GRMDaily I was immediately a fan. The video is aspirational, like make you want to get your money up and book a flight aspirational.  I must have watched the video at least 50 times over the past few months. After the video I went back to the ‘M I S to the T’ EP and took in his other tracks like ‘Smokey’ and ‘Sickmade’. The EP quickly became a favourite on my Deezer playlist.

After a few drinks (shouts to Uncle Wray and the brother Nephew) and some Thai food, we headed into Koko just after 9pm slightly waved and completely gassed by the DJ playing some UK tracks to warm up the crowd. Drake and Gigg’s ‘KMT’ went off, along with Section Boyz’s ‘Lock Arf’ and J Hus’ ”Friendly’. The vibes inside the venue were good, most people enjoying the vibes with limited stushness. What was also noticeable was the mixture of different people in the audience. Mist has a large Asian fanbase as he embraces Punjabi words in his songs. If you didn’t know ‘Karla’ means black man in Punjabi as Mist explains in his recent interview with DJ Vlad. There was also a nice mix of people with wide range of ages represented. I think this shows how, in a relatively short space of time, Mist has managed to connect with a range of people from different backgrounds.

Mist hit the stage at around 9.30pm and opened up with his track ‘Smokey’ followed by another couple of tracks from his EP. The crowd was hyped, dancing and singing along to every word. After a few tracks Mist invited his special guests to the stage. WSTRN performed a couple of their tunes followed by Abracadrabra who completely shut it down with his verse on ‘Dun Talkin’ and his track ‘Robbery’. Mostack was the last special guest who seemed to have a headline set himself as he was on stage for what seemed like ages! It was all entertaining though so no problems there. After the special guests Mist returned to the state to do his stand out tracks ‘Aint The Same’, ‘Karlas Back’ and ‘Madness’. Mist clearly had an impressive stage presence and interacted well with the crowd. The show was wrapped by a performance of the new Steel bangles produced track ‘Money’ which features Mist and all the special guest on the show lineup.

Although it was a good show it could have been even better had Mist been on stage a bit longer. Not many artists can sell out a show with very little material released and it’s a great achievement to have done it. Once Mist has another EP out, or maybe an album, and an array of different tracks to chose from, I think he’ll truly be able to put on a great show.

Although Mist is boastful there’s a humility in his character that you don’t see with other rappers. There’s a vulnerability in his lyrics and he’s the sort of guy that you don’t know but want to support and succeed. Plus he’s a Vincention like myself so you know we gotta support the ting! With that being said, make sure you checkout and buy Mist’s EP here.

Written by Elliott Rae


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