An Early Father’s Day treat from Warner Bros

Some decisions in life can be complicated. Some decisions can be quite simple. Others are just simply no brainers. Like the decision I made a couple of weeks ago for example. I opened my emails and saw an invitation to visit the Warner Bros HQ to watch a film, drink alcohol and take home a goodie bag off DVDs, all in aid of celebrating Fathers Day! I mean, there is only one answer to that email right?



So last Monday me and my mate DJ Jekyl headed to Holborn to the Warner Bros HQ. We arrived just after 6.30pm and were welcomed into the reception area for some pre-film drinks. Being in the private screening area at Warner Bros was pretty cool. They have these massive figures of classic Warner Bros characters like Batman and Superman, great photo opportunities 😃


After a few drinks and a goody bag of DVDs (!) we were shown into the private theatre for a screening of the Clint Eastwood classic ‘Unforgiven’. Well I’m told it was a classic as I haven’t previously heard of the film but then there’s loads of classic films I haven’t actually heard off! The screening room was niiiiiiice. I’m talking nice big seats with plenty of leg room nice. It was comfy, can’t lie. So we made ourselves at home and on came the movie. ‘Unforgiven’ is a Western that was released in 1992. It was directed by Clint Eastwood and stars the man himself as well as Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman. I really enjoyed the film, it has a simple but engaging storyline and had the classic Western shootout at the end! ‘Unforgiven’ can be bought as part of the Clint Eastwood 40 film Collection.


It was nice to have a night out. As you’ll know as a parent, these are sometimes few and far between! Now that the little one is getting a bit older and we have (some) of our shit under control, it’s much easier for one us to cover baby duties and let the other venture out to catch-up with friends. It’s so important to keep up the social life, I’ve never understood people who think life stops after you have children, it definitely changes but when there’s a will there’s a way and for me the key to a happy and fulfilled life is BALANCE! So this Father’s Day weekend, maybe consider taking some time for yourself away from the family, even just for a couple of hours. And use this time to catch-up with friends, go to the gym, hit a club or do whatever you do to relax and unwind.

Thanks to Warner Bros for the invite and hopefully, see you next year 😃

Written by Elliott

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