MFF recommends: dance parties with Beat Bo from Fisher Price

Sometimes you need to find toys that are going to entertain the kids with as little effort from you as possible! You know, sometimes you’re just tired and and want to chill. The Beat Bo from Fisher Price fits firmly in that category. We were gifted the Beat Bo for our daughter Eleni’s first birthday and as she loves music and dance, it’ the perfect toy.


Beat Bo is basically a dancing robot lol. Bo has buttons on his feet that prompt the different dance options. One option is where the kids can say there name, or any sentence, and Bo repeats it back as part of a tune. The other options play different songs and the robot dances along. It sounds simple but is actually a genius idea and kids love it! Eleni can now press the buttons on here own, or with one of her friends, and dance along while I relax on the sofa lol.

Smyths Toys - Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo

As well as being entertaining, the robot is also a little educational too as it teaches kids about cause and effect i.e I press this button and that song plays or I press that button and that song plays. The Beat Bo is recommended from 9 months and is great value at just £24.99.

Review by Elliott

Disclaimer: just to clarify and be completely transparent, we were not paid or reimbursed in anyway for this review.

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