Best Christmas gifts for kids 2017 – By Mark Cop

Looking for Christmas gift ideas? We got you!

There is a reason why we say to someone who is extremely happy that he looks like “the kid on Christmas morning”. Christmas morning is the time when kids are opening presents with family and there is something special about that event. That smile on their faces is the best present we can get and it keeps us going. To achieve that smile every year, we have to be extremely creative which means different presents every year. That can be a challenge and to help you with that challenge I have made a list of best Christmas gifts for kids, which I hope will inspire you.

Jimu DIY Robot Buzzbot & Muttbot Robotics Kit

I am trying to think of a better present for future robotics engineer and I can’t. This is the one. It is a DIY robot for your kid and I am pretty sure you will play with it too. When you both are done building robot you will see that the robot can walk, move its hands and even jump. A word of advice; use the instructions you can download on your phone to make the first robot. When you figure out the process you can try to make something without instructions. I wish I had this when I was small!
Link to find JIMU Buzzbot/Muttbot on
Link to find JIMU DIY Tankbot Kit on Amazon UK

Cognitoys Dino

The technology has come a long way since we were kids and I believe that we should take advantage of it. I am not talking about video games, I am talking about educational toys which can teach our kids and this adorable green dinosaur is one of them. It is a toy for kids 5-9 years and it can tell stories, ask questions and make jokes. It is a great gadget to improve social behavior and it is safe for your kid.
Link to find congnitoys Cognisaur App Enabled Dinosaur on Amazon


Code-a-Pillar is a toy similar to Jimu DIY Robots, but for younger kids. It is a caterpillar you can program to make it go where you want it to go. Every part of the caterpillar has one order on it; for example, turn right, stop, turn left…. If you want the caterpillar to go right, you have to attach that part of the caterpillar on the head and so on. The caterpillar is also an educational toy and it helps develop problem-solving and logical thinking which are very important for your kid’s development.
Link to find Code-a-Pillar on Amazon

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

This is not the first droid made by Sphero, but it is better. R2-D2 is the best droid in the Galaxy and it deserves to have its own toy. The gadget will impress you with the details and the fact that it also produces R2-D2 beep noises, which the first droid, BB-8, couldn’t do. The great thing is that you can download the app for the droid on your phone so you don’t have to have special controls for moving the droid. Also, it is a great excuse to buy r2-d2 J
Link to find R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero on Amazon

Classic Foosball Match

The Classic foosball match is a great introduction to the foosball world for all kids. What I like the most is the fact that this gadget is a combination of two worlds – digital and real. The gadget is actually a stand for iPad with legs, rods and scoring system just like the real foosball table. For the gadget to function you have to have an iPad. So, you are spinning the rods in reality and they are spinning in the application. I am sure your kids will love that and the gadget will definitely catch their attention.
Link to find Classic Foosball Match on Amazon

Guestpost written by Mark Cop, foosball player and  owner of the blog Foosball Zone

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