The perfect gift – Making memories with Memory Makers

You may have seen Memory Makers in Mothercare, they capture amazing bespoke hand and foot prints. They now do home visits and we were lucky enough to have a home visit from one of the expert print takers, Petula, and receive a beautiful hand print gift for Mother’s Day!

I had the day off work so we booked a Friday visit and Petula arrived at our house at 1100. As soon as she arrived she clicked with Eleni and they got on like a house on fire lol. As the home visit is quite a personal experience, it is really important that the print taker and the kids get on so I was glad that Petula and Eleni liked each other and were having a good time from the get go.









Once we had all settled down and made a cup of tea, Petula laid down a really cool mat on the table with lots of different animals that Eleni loved playing with. We then chose from the variety of handprint colours and frame types. We were getting a one handed outprint and we chose the natural frame with a pink gloss. There are loads of different options available from imprints, outpoints, handprints, footprints, frame colours and sizes and colours.












Petula took Eleni’s handprint which she really enjoyed. Eleni then played with the clay and the animal mat for another 20mins or so while Petula and I chatted about parenting techniques! We had a surprisingly in-depth and interesting conversation which was really nice. I’m sure you’ll agree that it can be hard to entertain a toddler at home and it’s so easy to run out of ideas to keep them active and engaged but the good thing about the home visit was that it was more than just a functional process of taking the print. It was a fun experience that Eleni could really enjoy and I got to relax in the comfort of my own home which is ALOT less stressful than visiting the shops on a busy weekend! The whole process lasted just over an hour and it was a great start to the day.

The handprint came through in the post just before Mother’s Day and mummy loves it! We have put it up on our wall in our living room. I fully recommend booking a Memory Makers home visit. The prices are reasonable and you are not only getting a great product but also a fantastic experience which will be remembered by all the family.











By Elliott Rae

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post but rest assured that we at MFF are honest with our posts and only recommend things that we love!

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