Could you be a mentor and help change lives? Action For Children are looking for mentors for Black & Minority Ethnic boys in London

Hi everyone, it’s Elliott here. We at MFF are passionate about giving back to our community. I know that most of our readers are professional, respected and educated men who have valuable knowledge, expertise and experience that could help change the lives of some vulnerable young people. A few years back I used to work with young people, using music production as a way to engage them on all sorts of issues around gangs, masculinity and family. It was such rewarding work and only now am I really understanding the impact that the sessions had on those young people. I do think that we have a duty to give back to our community, you might not quite know just how much your time could contribute to completely changing someone’s life and how much growth you will also get from the experience.

Action for Children are a charity that supports disadvantaged children across the UK and they are looking for Black and Minority Ethnic men to mentor boys in London. There are lots of young Black and Minority Ethnic boys in London who need support so I urge you to please consider giving your time. More information below.


Action for Children are looking for Independent Visitors in Greater London and surrounding area to work with Children aged between 5 and 18 years who are in Care. This vital work will see you mentor the young people, building long-term friendships that help them to access hobbies and build life skills.

You will work with a dedicated young person for a minimum of two years. In this time, you will support them in their interests, mentoring them to make their own decisions and being a positive influence during the time you spend with them.

Being an Independent Visitor means you will help through the good and tough times, helping the young person to explore their interests and the world around them. Guiding and nurturing when it’s needed, having lots of fun and supporting them to understand themselves.  We will ask you to support the young person with activities and give your time generously, with a minimum commitment of one monthly meeting for a minimum of two years.

You will have a full induction and comprehensive specialist training and we also hold support sessions with other Independent Visitors.  Part of our commitment to you is to ensure you are supported in the work you do and you will attend quarterly review meetings with your dedicated Coordinator. We also pay all agreed expenses and reimburse for mileage.

We are currently recruiting male volunteers from a Black or Minority Ethnic (BAME) background. This is because we have a high number of boys from BAME backgrounds and we need males from them to connect with and who are positive role models.   

Could you support and empower a young person who needs a role model someone to talk to and learn from?  If so, register your interest here.


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