MFF recommends: The Junior Gunners Experience

MFF recommends: The Junior Gunners Experience

If you’re a father and a football fan there’s no doubt you are trying/encouraging/forcing(!) you’re child to A) Show an interest in football, and B) Support your team.

Let’s look at A first. I’m quite lucky in that my in-laws are big football fans and when the little one visits them there’s usually footie on the TV. Ok so they are Man Utd fans (it could be worse) but my main thing at the moment is joy that she is surrounded by football and has started to take an interest in it. She’s only 2 but I’d love us to beable to go to matches together when she’s older. We are already starting to have kick arounds (well kinda) in the garden which is great!

So now let’s talk about B. For all you football loving fathers out there, we have found a sure fire way to get your kid supporting your team, of course while you all enjoy family fun events andindulging in one of the best past times ever invented. That sure fire way is called Junior Gunners.

Now let’s assume you are an Arsenal fan, or a general football fan with no major allegiance to any club (if that exists) and picture a nice Sunday in April when Arsenal are playing away to Newcastle. What better way to spend the day than visiting the Emirates to watch the match on the big screens while eating pizza and chips and enteratining the kids with face painting, arts and crafts and football challenges? Ermmmm, there is no better way to spend the day!


Well, that’s exactly what we had the pleasure of doing last week. Not only did we get to watch the match on big screens in a great atmosphere with our families, it was at the amazing Emirates stadium which made it extra special. And you know as well as I do that finding ways to entertain the little ones is never easy, the array of different activities meant there was something for kids of all ages. There was a section for the toddlers and another for the older kids so no one left out. All in all, a great day out (just a shame about the result).

Junior Gunners do similar events all year round for kids aged 0-16. Membership prices are reasonable and it’s a great way for you to enjoy family time with the kids. Plus as I said at the beginning, a great way to ensure your kid grows up supporting your team. I’m not sure whether other clubs have similar programmes for young fans, I did a quick google and couldn’t see anything so Arsenal are definitely ahead of the curve.🙂

You can sign-up for Junior Gunners membership here.

Written by Elliott Rae

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