Former Babyshambles Adam Ficek talks music and fatherhood with MFF and Aggy Fox podcast

Former Babyshambles Adam Ficek talks music and fatherhood with MFF and Aggy Fox podcast

The Aggy Fox Podcast

I have been running a podcast under the pseudonym ‘Aggy Fox’ for over a year now. It was a project I chose to embark on as a way of being able to express and act upon my creative urges. I listen to a lot of podcasts and my favourites have always been conversation based shows that just seem to chat about nothing, everything and life in general. After a bit of inspiration from Scroobius Pip and Talk Radio’s Iain Lee, I thought I’d like to do that and thus my podcast was born!  I chose to adopt a Pseudonym for a couple of reasons, firstly it enabled me to hide the anxiety I felt about putting something out for public consumption and potential criticism that could follow. Secondly to give me the confidence to be more open and honest in my interviews.

The MFF and Aggy Fox Collaboration

So a year on, the pseudonym remains but the anonymity has gone. I’m cool with that because the show has evolved to a point where I have a better idea as to what I want it be and more confidence in myself, I don’t feel I need to hide my true self to be able to scratch the creative itch. Having got to this point when Elliott got in touch to ask if I would be up for interviewing Adam as part of a collaboration with MFF and my podcast, I jumped at the chance. The recurring themes of my show (parenthood, creativity and music discussion) chime with the interests of the MFF community so Elliott and I got together and the result is the podcast you are about to hear.

If you want to listen to more episodes of my podcast you can listen to them here. or if you have any comments about the episode with Adam Ficek you can go to the comments section of MFF and post there or drop me a message on twitter @aggyfoxpodcast or email

Thanks and I do hope you enjoy my chat with Adam!


Written by Andy Kapadia

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