MFF recommends: Mamas & Papas’ Urbo2 (The Mandem Review)

Fellas, you may not be interested in every single baby purchase your partner is making, and rightly so. Somethings you just have to leave to the ladies, for example, you don’t really want to be researching breast pumps or walking around Mothercare looking for the best nipple cream LOL. But with a pram, it’s different. This is something that you’ll be using both with and without your partner so you want to make sure you make a purchase you are BOTH proud of. A pram will probably be the single most expensive thing you will buy while preparing for your baby, there are so many models and features, it’s like buying a car! And besides, I know the readers of are involved dads who wants to be involved in the major purchasing decisions. When it comes to prams we have found that there is no perfect pram, but you can find the perfect pram for you. Some, like the Bugaboo Bee, are made for city use so they have small wheels that aren’t ideal for the muddy grass in the park. Some of the other prams are made for rougher terrain and are more suitable for park use but have bigger wheels that may not fit in the boot of your car! That’s why we are here to help you find the right pram for you and ensure your money is well spent! Today we’ll be reviewing the Urbo2.

The Urbo2 in Chestnut Tweed

When looking for a pram, you’ll need to shop around and find a pram that suits your needs and fits your budgets. I recommend visiting Mothercare or Mamas & Papas on a weekday (most weekends are really busy!) and spending time with an advisor to take you through your options.We spent hours and hours shopping for the best pram and weighed up the pros and cons and eventually decided on the Urbo 2 from Mamas and Papas.

We’ve used the pram for nearly a year now and we are still as impressed with it now as we were when we first purchased it. The smaller size of the Urbo2 means it can fit easily into most car boots but the sturdy build means it it feels robust and durable enough to protect your baby in every season.

If you’re anything like me, the look of a pram is important. You’ll want to look good walking down the aisles in Westfields. The Urbo2 comes with a variety of colour options so you can design to fit your own style. We went for the tweed which looks really sophisticated with the titanium finish on the frame.


Even Kimye have an Urbo2!

As with every pram, the Urbo2 comes with the option for additional extras. You’ll probably want to purchase a footmuff for the cold winter days and you’ll need a carry cot for newborns up to 6 months old. The rain cover is also very handy, we use it to protect bubba from the cold as well as the rain. These extras aren’t absolutely essential but do make your life easier if you can afford to invest in them.

The Urbo2 carrycot

The Urbo2 functions well. It’s easy to fold up and is nice and compact when packed down. The brakes are are on both the left and right side and are put on or off with a simple flick of the foot. The handle bars are easily adjustable to fit your height and fitting all the extras (footman and carry cot) are easily done at speed.

Ok so let’s talk about the price. The Urbo2 is not cheap but saying that, none of the really good prams are. I wasn’t joking when I said buying a pram is like buying a car! The Urbo2 and all the additions will set you back around £700. This is probably in the mid-range in regards to pram prices. It’s not cheap but you pay for quality. Quality in manufacturing and style. I fully recommend trying to bargain and get a discount, when you are buying quite a few items you’l usually be able to get some free stuff or money off if you’re persuasive enough!

The only negative I can pick out with this pram is the relatively small basket space. Once the baby bag is in there there’s not much space for anything else. This can be a bit annoying but you can work around it by only packing essentials and bringing out a separate bag if you know you’ll be going shopping.

All in all we fully recommend this pram and award it 4 stars. Thank us later!


2 thoughts on “MFF recommends: Mamas & Papas’ Urbo2 (The Mandem Review)

  1. You really don’t need to spend £650 on a pram. If this new website is all about trying to sell expensive tatt to people it’s not actually that helpful. You can carry a small child in a chest sling and then at 4-6 months just get a stroller for £40 – £50 or (shock horror) get a secondhand one or even a free one on Freecycle or Freegle. Start teaching your kids at a young age that consumerism isn’t necessary and put the £600 you save towards their house or rental deposit for when they leave home, or towards their education. you’ll get much more value that way.

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for your comment and I agree, you don’t NEED to spend a lot of money on a pram. But if you are going to buy a good one first hand one (which a lot of people want to do), then there are plenty of options. The Urbo2 just happens to be one of those good ones, if you are looking for something for city use that can fit in your boot.

      And the website is not all about selling expensive tatt at all, have a browse, we have plenty of articles on a variety of fatherhood related issues 🙂

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