The Fairytale Revolution – family theatre review by Machel Hewitt

The fairytale revolution – family theatre review

“You can be anything you want to be” retorted Wendy, yes Wendy from Peter Pan, as the all-female cast of four broke into another energetic song routine that had the audience of young children (and parents) enchanted at this family theatre production

The Fairytale Revolution is a family friendly pantomime featuring said all-female cast that breaks down a lot of pantomime stereotypes in addition to the empowering message behind the play.

As the father of a young daughter, it’s always been important to me that she not only has many varied experiences but feels inspired by what she partakes in.

The multicultural all-female cast was a huge draw in itself but the performance was pitched at exactly the right level to keep young children entertained without patronising the attending adults.

The premise as with all good panto stories starts with a rebellion of sorts, Wendy (Anais Lone) and Hook (Louise Beresford) both seek to break free from the restrictive constraints of their story as controlled by ‘the evil narrator’. In tow with Baker Swife (Anna Spearpoint) and Smee (Helena Morais) they eventually subvert the idea that one must live the life they have dictated to them.

Throughout the play despite there only being four cast members you are introduced to an array of familiar panto heroes and villains which not only demonstrate the versatility of the actresses but the brilliant use of puppetry and props.

Clocking in at just under 2 hours (with a 15 minute interval) the play may seem a tad long in places but the use of lighting on the stage and the set design itself ensure you don’t really notice the time going by. On top of that it’s clear that the cast love what they’re doing so you feel engrossed with them.

Most importantly of all, however, are the themes you can explore with your child following the performance. By all means panto is there for the silliness and fun but it’s even better when it leaves you with themes to pick up with your child that help foster their own growth.

The show runs until 31 December with tickets starting from £12 (under 2s are free).

You can find more details here.

Written by Machel Hewitt

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