Family Christmas Dos and Don’ts #2 Going to the Movies

Family Christmas Dos and Don’ts #2: Going to the Movies

It’s here! That time we’ve been waiting all year for: Frozen 2!
Let it go! You know you’re as keen as your kids to see if Disney can top their first installment of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf.
The movies offer a chilled alternative to the cold outdoors and keeping your kids (and your inner kid) happy. However, something I always remind my kids is to create more than you consume and that includes the movies. Let the movies inspire imagination beyond the 2 hours of cinematic indulgence. 
You’ll want to pretend that it’s just the technicalities of the animated wizardry and the musical arrangements of the soundtrack that grab your attention, but I see you. I see you singing your heart out with your microphone that once was a pot spoon. I see you embracing imagination, creativity and dreams that seem much more real at this magical time of the year. 
  • Find a movie that you will all enjoy
  • Talk about the movie afterwards – favourite parts, surprises
  • Be inspired to dream, create and explore the seemingly impossible
  • Let picking a movie become an ordeal or argument
  • Grab the opportunity of a dark room and cosy seat for a snooze and snore during the movie… easily done
  • Miss the real magic of being together at Christmas 

Written by Phil Robinson

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