MFF recommends: a good night’s sleep with the Sleepyhead

“Sleep will probably be the main talking point in your household for at least the first year of your child’s life. You’ll be figuring out how to cope with a lack of sleep, researching how to get your baby to sleep and perplexed as to why they won’t stay asleep. You’ll be wondering why they wake up so much in the night, debating with your partner about who’s doing the night time feeds and no doubt considering whether and how to introduce some kind of sleep training. To add to this people (mainly the older people in your life who have forgotten what it’s like to have a young baby), may ask you whether your baby is sleeping through the night yet then try and make you feel like a bad parent if they are not!” – that’s an excerpt from our popular article on dealing with a lack of sleep! Read the full piece here.

Those first few months of a new baby can be really tough, adjusting to the lack of sleep can be painful to say the least. One thing that really helped our little girl sleep was the Sleepyhead. The Sleepyhead is a portable bed which recreates the feeling of the womb. It’s snug design and raised sides make the baby feel secure and hopefully sleep better as a result. While it’s not cheap, the Sleepyhead is an alternative to a Moses basket, which a lot of babies don’t actually like! We had the Sleepyhead in a Next2me crib at night and in the living room for daytime naps. The portability is a real selling point as you can put it in your babies crib at night and take it around the house, or even to visit friends throughout the day.


The Sleepyhead retails at £120 and an additional cover (in case baby is sick on the first one!) will cost you an extra £48. So a lot of money but would I say it’s worth it? Definitely! The sleepyhead can be used from birth until about 8 months so you’ll have plenty of time to get good use out of it.


All in all, there is no price on a good nights sleep and a quick read of the reviews on the John Lewis website will let you know how many parents find this product has changed their lives!

The Sleepyhead gets the MFF stamp of approval!

Review by Elliott

Disclaimer: just to clarify and be completely transparent, we were not paid or reimbursed in anyway for this review.

One thought on “MFF recommends: a good night’s sleep with the Sleepyhead

  1. Me and my partner bought a sleepy head. As reviews she read were good.

    It is expensive but so easy to carry with the baby and we could easily shift it from living room to bedroom so conveniently.

    However our little one only settled in it for 2-3months but in that time my partner got some well balanced rest. Without taking the risk of having the baby lying on her chest.

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