MFF recommends: peace of mind and a good night’s sleep with the next2me from Chicco

Sleep is a massive issue in the first year or so of any babies life. We have written about it quite a lot on MFF. When you get some time, have a look at our piece all about sleep (and how to deal with a lack of it!) here. We have also reviewed the Sleepyhead which is a great portable and snug crib which helps babies sleep better. So here is the next #MajorKey which we bring to you to help you get more sleep. We are kind to ya aren’t we! We just want you to be the best you can be man loooooool.


The next2me is a crib for young babies (newborns up until they can stand up, so like 6 months) and is basically a crib with one side that can be removed. The side that can be removed fits next to your bed so it kind of becomes an extension of your bed where the baby sleeps. SO why is this a genius idea? Well, when your baby is waking up throughout the night, you don’t have to get out of bed, all you need to do is roll over and the baby is right there. Do you know how much energy this saves? I don’t know about you but I HATE having to get out of bed in the middle of the night. So the next2me really helped when our family when our daughter Eleni was young.


The next2me is easy to setup, break down and store which always helps as no doubt you’ll have loads of different bits of baby ‘stuff’ accumulated in your spare room!

So what’s the downside? You know we always like to give you honest reviews right! Well the cost is quite dear, £179 is not cheap for something that’s only going to last you around 6 months. So it is a luxury and is definitely something that’s not completely essential as you’ll have to buy another crib from 6 months on. But, if you can afford it and you like your sleep, it’s definitely something that we would recommend.

Review by Elliott

Disclaimer: just to clarify and be completely transparent, we were not paid or reimbursed in anyway for this review.

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